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Property Marketing

Filling vacancies quickly is our specialty. We market your property across multiple advertising channels and we respond to all inquiries we receive. We also schedule showings for the home.

Tenant Screening

All interested property applicants must meet our rigorous screening criteria. We set employment, background, and financial safeguards in place to protect your investment.

Rent Collection

Hit the jackpot, month after month. We keep your tenants paying their rent bill on time. We send out monthly reminders, process incoming funds, and deposit your earnings to your financial account.


When your property needs some extra attention, breathe easy knowing you have the experts on your side. We coordinate repairs, handle associated billing, and keep your tenants satisfied.

Property Inspections

Our team regularly schedules inspections for the properties in our portfolio. Inspection visits allow us to see what's taking place behind closed doors & make sure there are no problems.

Financial Reporting

Monthly financial reports give you a clear overview of your income and expenditures. We generate these statements and put them in your online account for review at any time.


By carefully screening applicants for our properties, we're able to avoid many eviction scenarios. If a tenant relationship ever takes a negative turn, however, we'll handle the eviction process for you.

Legal Guidance

From insurance requirements to local property ordinances, we make certain your home respects all relevant housing laws. Keep yourself protected from unnecessary liability.

Why Choose Jackpot Property Management?

Our team always puts our best foot forward.

We Understand Vegas Housing Law

When it comes to rental properties across Las Vegas and the surrounding area, our expertise can't be matched. We know what requirements you need to meet & we make certain your home plays by the legal rule book.

Renters Love Our Team, Too

Maintaining healthy relationships with our tenants is a simple way that we reduce turnover rates and keep potential problems to a minimum. This results in lower costs for you and peace of mind.

Connecting with Us is Simple

By incorporating powerful technology into our management approach, we've made it easier than ever before for our clients and tenants to interact with our team. Online portals & digital listings make it easy to connect with us.

We Know the Local Rental Market

Our team has partnered extensively with homeowners in Las Vegas & the surrounding suburbs. We know how to get consistent results. Put our experience to work for you & maximize your financial returns.

You're Never Playing Against the House

At Jackpot Property Management, our goal is to establish trust with our clients from day one. We don't use hidden pricing or add-on fees to pad our earnings, and we remain committed to providing honest, straightforward service.

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The Las Vegas Rental Property Pros

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If you own Las Vegas rental homes and you're serious about maximizing the value of your property investment, working with a professional manager is the savvy way to get things in motion. From locating qualified tenants to handling ongoing needs like billing and accounting, maintenance coordination, and emergency response services, your property manager should take the stress off your shoulders and make life easier for you.

At Jackpot Property Management, we don't hide behind big promises we can't keep. We offer professional property management in Las Vegas and we are committed to treating your property as if it were our own. Whether you own just one local home or a large portfolio of rental units, we have the resources and expertise you need to ensure you achieve consistent results. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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